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Tanya and Tom Mayes have been married since 2009 and form the Instructor Team for MKB. They share a passion for training, teaching a variety of strength and fitness disciplines and competing with Kettlebells and anything else that comes their way.


They have found that training together has been the perfect way to help push their training to new levels, as well as giving them a common interest that will serve them well into their old age.


They have 2 sons together who inspire them to train harder, keep healthy and continue to grow in their knowledge. Plus leading a healthy active lifestyle not only sets a great example to the boys, but it means they can keep up with their boys, seemingly endless, energy.

About Tom

Chief Instructor for MKB

Tom has been training in Martial arts since 1990. Training in a variety of systems, styles and combat sports, ranging through striking arts, grappling arts and arts that mix the two together.


He has had well over 40 competitive fights, ranging from amateur through to professional, in a variety of formats including kickboxing, grappling and Mixed Martial Arts where he won 2 British Amateur Mixed Martial Arts titles, and remained undefeated after 16 full contact MMA fights.


Aged 16 and after a particularly tough sparring session in 1993 Tom had an epiphany. He was exhausted and the obvious struck him. Martial Arts was not only about skill, but strength and fitness also played a major roll. For example, it is no good being able to throw the perfect punch, if you can’t do it repeatedly with power again and again. The same goes for kicks and throws.


This led him onto a lifetime quest to discover the very best strength and conditioning tools that would help him reach his best.



Tom has now moved on from Martial arts and this eventually led to the discovery of kettlebells. At first it was just a convenient way to train intensely at home, but soon became an all-consuming passion.


When Tom eventually discovered Girevoy Sport (Kettlebell Sport) he knew he had found something special. The mixture of explosive strength, endurance and mental discipline appealed to him on every level.


He has worked his way up through the various ranks from Rank 2, to Rank 1, to Candidate for Master of Sports in 'Long Cycle' Clean and Jerk.


Tom competed regularly as a Pro Lifter (Double 32kg Kettlebells) around the country for many years with his wife, Tanya, and the Momentum Girevoy Sport Team, earning a spot on the England team to compete at the World Championships 2015.


Tom has also found a passion for Progressive Calisthenics training and has been focused on this for a number of years. Tom has gone on to earn the coveted title of PCC (Progressive Calisthenics Certification) Instructor, after completing the comprehensive course and the gruelling final fitness test, The famous 'Century Test'.


Tom's Qualifications and major achievements :

  • Progressive Calisthenics Instructor (PCC)
  • Advanced Extreme Kettlebell Instructor
  • Level 1 & 2 IKSFA Sport Kettlebell Coach
  • Gym/Fitness Instructor Level 2
  • Personal Trainer Level 3
  • Metafit Instructor
  • Animal Flow Level 2 Instructor
  • Fire Service Senior PTI
  • Multiple time Kettlebell Champion
  • England kettlebell Squad World championships 2015
  • Holder of English Kettlebell Record in Long Cycle for 2x28kgs, 2x32kgs & 2x36kgs
  • Qualified First Aider
  • Foundation in Health and Safety
  • 3rd Dan Combat Cross Training
  • British Combat Association Instructor
  • 'The Approach Self Protection Method' Level 1 Instructor
  • 2 x National Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Champion (2003 & 2004)



Pro Fight winner 2004

He has been teaching classes since 1998 yet remains as much a student as he does a coach, and he is always on the look out for new ways to improve how and what he trains and teaches.


Tom is now a full time fire-fighter and coaches kettlebells and calisthenics in his spare time as well as being involved in the health and fitness of Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue as a senior PTI.

About Tanya

Instructor for MKB

Ruling commander of Team Mayes

Tanya with a 24kg kettlebell

Tanya has been training with kettlebells since 2008. To start with it was just a way of keeping fit and toned. Having never really been a fully-fledged gym bunny she found it an easily manageable way to keep in shape at home without it interfering too much in her everyday life. However after the birth of Tom & Tanya’s first son, her training became a bit more serious. It began as a successful way to lose the weight gained during pregnancy, and has now turned into a passion. She is now well and truly hooked and loves the post exercise high and benefits from working out.

In Early 2013 Tanya completed her Kettlebell Instructors qualification and inspires the Momentum members, by leading by example in everything she does. Remaining a student as well as an instructor is important to Tanya and enjoys taking part in regular workshops run by some of the top lifters in the world. Tanya also has her Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification and is a Metafit Instructor and more recently a Metacub Instructor. She is also currently studying pre and postnatal exercise.


With a friendly, engaging teaching style, her sessions have become very popular with our members, inspiring people in the group. It's good to see, first hand, what is possible with a bit of hard work and consistency. Although this works both ways as Tanya is motivated by our members and loves watching them develop during their fitnesss journey.

Tanya has competed up and down the country in Kettlebell competitions, eventually gaining the hard earned rank of CMS (candidate for Master of Sports) with the European Girevoy Sports Association and the GSU. 

Tanya also found a bit of a love for obstacle races, running in lots of varied ones pre covid times, although it is all about the crazy obstacles not the running for her. Her love of dare devil action comes out at events like these. She has done 2 wing walks for charity and thinking ahead some hiking expeditions will hopefully be next on the agenda.


Tanya's Qualifications and major achievements :


  • Level 2 YMCA Gym Instructor
  • Level 1 Extreme Kettlebell Instructor.
  • IGSF Kettlebell Sport Coach
  • Metafit Instructor
  • Metacub Instructor
  • Qualified First Aider


Sporting Achievements


  • CMS (Candidate for Master of Sports) in Long cycle with EGSA
  • CMS in Long Cycle 20kg with GSU
  • Rank 1,2,3 Long cycle GSU
  • Rank 1 Biathlon GSU
  • Rank 1 Snatch GSU
  • Rank 3 Snatch GSU
  • Holder of 9 English Kettlebell lifting records (true at time of writing)
  • England kettlebell Squad World championships 2015 and qualified for team 2016 & 2017


Official (competition) PBs:

Long cycle Clean and Jerk:

  • 1x 24kg - 69 reps
  • 1x 20kg - 104 reps
  • 1x 16kg - 135 reps
  • 2 x 12kg - 110 reps



  • 1 x 16kg - 158 reps
  • 1 x 12kg - 205 reps
  • 1 x 8kgs - 221reps



  • 1 x 16kg - 255 points

          1x 16kg - 150 jerks

          1x 16kg - 105 Snatch


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