Introduction Courses

We run Introduction courses for our 2 skill based classes.


You don't need an introduction course for Metafit, you can just come along.


There is a Kettlebell Introduction Course and a Calisthenics Introduction Course.


These courses are there for a number of reasons:


1. It means you can fit straight into a class safe in the knowledge that you aren’t going to be out of your depth with no clue what is going on.


2. We can iron out any issues that you may have and figure out some ‘work arounds’ for any problems without having to do it in front of a load of people you don’t know.


3. Teaching cues. You never stop learning in skill based training, and after the Intro course you will be much more open to quick teaching cues when in the middle of a class. This means that your brain will process and understand a quick one word bit of advice rather than having to stop you to explain something and ruin the flow of your workout.


4. We get to meet you, and you get to meet us. We love our training and have a great relationship with everyone who trains with us. It will always make you feel more welcome and comfortable having met your instructors before you start taking part in an established club.



Introduction courses are around 2 hours long, give or take, it really depends on the individual. They can be completed as a 1-2-1 or as a pair (we can even manage 3 of you at a push). The Intros are light hearted and relaxed. They are not horrible beastings, but be aware that you will still be lifting a weight, or shifting your bodyweight around for a couple of hours, so it will still be challenging.


After doing a Kettlebell Introduction course you will be given a FREE month of training in any of our weekly kettlebell classes. That way you get to try the classes with out any pressure. We don’t want to force anyone into anything they don’t really want to do. Everyone who trains with us is there because they want to be, not because they feel obliged, and that is one of the reasons we have such a fantastic group of people training with us.


Currently Calisthenics classes are run in 6 week blocks so ideally we would recommend you try and join at the beginning of a block so an introduction before that is ideal. In some circumstances we can adapt this. We do offer larger group introductions from time to time at a discounted rate so look out for dates on our social pages.


By the end of the session you will have a working understanding of the exercises, although you will by no means have perfected the moves. This only comes with time and patience.




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