How Much?



Remember, when you complete an introduction course for Kettlebells, you get a free months worth of training in that class before making a commitment.



Introduction courses:


The investment in an Introduction course is £50 for a single person, or £35 each if you would like to do it with a friend.


Class cost:


We want to encourage you to attend classes and as such we encourage you to pay monthly by standing order, direct from your bank, (although we have other options too). Standing orders are run by you. We have no control over them. If you wish to stop attending classes you simply tell the bank to cease the standing order. We just ask for the courtesy of letting us know.


The benefits of paying by standing order are:

  • You are in control
  • You can forget about the payments.
  • No need to pop to the bank before class.
  • In our experience pre-paying for the lessons encourages you to attend.


We have  5 sessions available per week.



Pay as you go - £6 a session or buy a 10 class pass for £55 making it £5.50 per session.





Single Membership

1 session a week - £25 a month

2 session a week - £45 a month

Unlimited - £50 a month


Couples Membership

1 session a week each - £45 a month

2 session a week each - £60 a month

Unlimited for both of you - £75 a month


To pay as you go (Kettlebells), classes cost £8.50 each or buy a 10 class pass for £75 making it £7.50 per session.


You are not tied into to training on a particular day. You can change your training day every week if you wanted to.

Going on holiday for a week? No problem, make up your sessions either before or after. 




Calisthenics is currently only available via Personal Training.


Personal training 


1 session for £50


3 sessions for £130 (saving £20)


10 sessions for £400 (saving £100)

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