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We are Trainers, Coaches, Athletes and Students all wrapped into one. We love training and learning, and we love sharing it all with everyone else.


At MKB we are in the unique position of only teaching classes that we are truly passionate about, and we want to share our passion with you. Our main passions are in skill based training. This means we enjoy forms of exercise where learning the skill of the movement is just as important as the strength and fitness side of things.


There are a few reasons for this:

  1. You forget about how hard you are working as you get lost in the concentration of your movements.
  2. The emphasis is taken off unhealthy, negative mindsets (I’m too fat/skinny/unfit/weak etc) and focused more on improving your skills and abilities, which we feel is a much more healthy way of approaching our training. With good, solid, hard training and a good diet all those other things take care of themselves without you even noticing.
  3. We are geeks!


We consider ourselves students, which means we are constantly trying to improve ourselves and learn more and more effective and efficient ways to both teach and train. Kettlebell training and Calisthenics Strength training are both heavily dependent on learning correct movement patterns. This doesn’t mean it isn’t accessible to everyone, it definitely is, it just means you need someone who knows what they are doing to help you on your path.


We truly believe in everything we teach, and we make a point of leading by example. We have every conceivable type of person training with us from the young bucks right up to the more senior members of our society, from unfit, fresh off the couch all the way up to the fitness fanatic.


Our primary business is in running classes, but we also offer 1-2-1 personal training sessions or private small group training.


Whilst we run ‘classes’ we would describe ourselves as more of a club. Everyone is welcoming, encouraging and non judgemental. We also attend both competitive and non-competitive events as a club as well as optional get-togethers like our Christmas parties.


Our sessions are fun, friendly and motivational, whilst still being hard work and rewarding. The motivation you get from the class environment is second to none and you will soon find yourself relishing the challenge of training at MKB.


Book in for an intro to meet us, and start your journey into the world of Momentum Training Tadley.




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