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We're Teachers, Coaches, Personal Trainers, Students and Strength and Fitness enthusiasts, all rolled into one.


Our club and PT gym are both based in Tadley, Hampshire.


We offer a number of options for you to choose from.


Have a read and see which one might suit you best.


You want to increase your fitness, all whilst burning fat, getting stronger and learning a skill, with a group of friendly, supportive people, and some high energy tunes.


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You want to learn to do some cool stuff that will amaze your friends, all whilst getting stronger, fitter, building some muscle and become a more functional human being.


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You're a bit short on time (no more than 30 mins), and need something hard and fast to melt some lard, get you super fit, and doesn’t require you to learn any complex movements, or have an introduction course.


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You're a bit bored of your normal training and want to do something that gives awesome results, with lots of variety in exercises. You also like the idea of our classes and fancy something that incorporates a bit of them all.


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You prefer the idea of 1-2-1 training, for whatever reason. Maybe to accelerate the learning process, maybe because you can't train at the club times, or maybe you just prefer to have our full attention. Any of these reasons, and many others not mentioned, are perfect reasons to embark on personal training with MKB. We love what we do and we're happy to share.


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You're finding your mobility is lacking or just needs some work and you're looking for something that is going to help you develop some flexibility, whilst still working on your strength and endurance.


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